Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NBA Finals + Olympics Basketball Recap

yes yes ... I have been neglecting this blog for the past few months ;-) .. tapi, it is now back up ...

NBA Finals

Celtics won it in 6 games ....

I followed it through the Net and although the bets were on the Lakers, and I was rooting for them to win, I think the Celtics had the advantage and was proven correct.

5 Reasons

1. Celtics Big Three ( Pierce, KG n Ray Allen ) played better than LA's Big Three ( Kobe, Gasol, Odom )

2. Celtics supporting cast was way better, especially in the clutch.

3. LA was really Kobe n the rest .. I think Gasol n Odom didn't show up much

4. Celtics D on Kobe. They checked out Kobe n dared the other Lakers.. refer to No 3.

5. Celtics WANTED the championship more !

Congrats on No 17 - Celtics

Olympic Bball Recap

USA won the gold :-) .. I think they deserved it as they played better overall and was consistent. Credit to Spain who pushed them a bit in the gold medal game.


we are back !

Monday, May 19, 2008

NBA Finals Update For Round 1

Hallo y'all .. a bit overdue :D ... but hey, better than never

Round 1 roundup

Eastern Conference

Boston 4 Atlanta 3 - say this for the Hawks, they punctured the Celtics aura
Detroit 4 Sixers 2 - Pistons just woke up
Magic 4 Raptors 1 - like I predicted..
Cavs 4 Wizards 2 - well, LeBron was up for it .. n DeShawn, shut up n play la next time la ok ...

Western Conference

Lakers 4 Nuggets 0 ... they finished it up just like that
New Orleans 4 Dallas 1 ... the JKidd experiment was a failure la .. tata AJ
Spurs 4 Suns 1 ... the sun has set down on the Suns ... but, you still have Shaq :D
Utah 4 Houston 2 ... Houston was a pest but then they finally had no fuel left ...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

NBA Playoffs 1st Round Updates

Yes, most series have gone three games for now .. let's see how things are right now

Eastern Conference

1 Celtics leads 8 Hawks 2 - 0

Look at it this way, Atlanta fans .... be glad that you can see the Big Three playing in Atlanta for two consecutive games :-) Might sell out the Omni for a change ;-)

7 Sixers leads 2 Pistons 2 - 1

Memo to the Pistons : WAKE UP FOOL !!!! The Sixers are playing with nothing to lose and they are kicking your ass ... you have already lost the homecourt advantage. Game 4 is a must win for them Pistons.

3 Magic leads 6 Raptors 2 - 1

Ok Raps you have your token 1 game win :-) ... enjoy the experience and come back better next season ;-) ...

4 Cavs leads 5 Wizards 2 -1

After Game 2, I thought it was going to be a Cavs blowout. In Game 3, somehow the Cavs took the ' White Out' theme rolled out by the Wiz too literally and rolled over. LBJ better tell his boys that Agent Zero or not .. the Wiz are a tough team at home.

Western Conference

1 LA Lakers leads 8 Denver 2 - 0

Dear Nuggets players, do not make Kobe mad. Kobe does not kill, he gets even. A Mad Kobe is not good for you. Win a game in Denver and then yap all you want okay ... :-)

2 New Orleans leads 7 Dallas 2 - 1

For the first two games, CPaul was the bomb.. and then in Game 3, the Mavs bombed him with a guy named JTerry. CPaul, get used to Terry being in your face the whole series. And to Josh Howard, you are dope, if you know what I mean :-)

3 San Antonio leads 6 Phoenix 3 - 0

Damn .. I was dead wrong on this one. Looks like it will be finished before you can say ShaqAttack. Phoenix, stop looking at how beautiful the Spurs shoot the ball !!

4 Utah leads 5 Houston 2 - 1

An interesting series so far... Game 3 helped the Rockets a bit ... but Game 4 is pivotal. And Rafer better be working the PG spot for the Rockets then.

Wokey .... later amigos.

Friday, April 18, 2008

NBA Playoffs 08 Are Here !!

Yes, the regular NBA season is over. Usually, I don't pay that much attention to the regular season. It is the playoffs where the fun really begins :-), especially if you are a NBA basketball fan.

Let's review the matchups in the first round

Western Conference

1 LA Lakers vs 8 Denver
- LA in 5 .. but expect some high level scoring
2 New Orleans vs 7 Dallas
- Dallas in 6 ;-) ... soft spot for the Mavs. Jkidd vs CPaul is the key.
3 San Antonio vs 6 Phoenix
- Phoenix in 7 ... payback time, plus the Spurs are a bit shakier this year
4 Utah vs 5 Houston
- Utah in 4 ... Houston has been riding TMac too long ..

Eastern Conference

1 Boston vs 8 Atlanta
- Boston in 4 ... are you kidding me about a Hawks upset ?
2 Detroit vs 7 Philadelphia
- Detroit in 4 ... Philly is just thankful to be here..
3 Orlando vs 6 Toronto
- Orlando in 5 .. Chris Bosh will win the Raptors one game and that's it.
4 Cleveland Cavalier vs 5 Washington Wizards
- the best matchup in the first round ... Wiz in 7 .. gotta support my college town team :D

Click here for what I think is the best NBA Playoff coverage .. so far :-)

So what do you guys think ?